Traveling by bus

It would be wise to visit the bus-station to ask for the actual leaving time the next day, or whenever your trip is planed. Even then it is possible that some bus will not leave or some hours later. If the bus will not be repaired on its way, the trip takes more than 3 hours between Luxor and Aswan, 8 to 9 hours to / from Hurghada.

I made good experiences with the busses leaving from Aswan, if you hope to get the bus in Hurghada you should be fast getting a seat in the bus as the bus is stormed by the passengers and the slowest will have to wait and hope for the next bus. The tickets are mostly sold in the bus, only sometimes you can get them at the ticket-counter. The cat I found once under a seat was for free.

It is good to have someone to care about the tickets and get the luggage organised, while you get inside and try to fight for the seats.

Tourists are asked to take a convoy. But usually tickets are given to Non-Egyptians as well. Unless some eager police-officer during a control is asking you to get out and take the next convoy. Its recomended always to have enough time and not count on the last bus for a flight. (Please see also travel advice given by your embassy.)

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