Camel ride from Aga Khan to the Tombs of the Nobles

Put the legs more in front of the saddle than on a horse, hold your breath and yourself tight, and then there is this funny "oupps" when the camel stands up. If you have never experienced this, try! This is a good chance in combination with a real interesting visit to the Tombs of the Nobles. (Donkeys are also provided for children, and if riding is too much, take the short way by boat).

No matter, if you sail, ride or walk: the tombs of the Nobles are worth a visit.
The oldest tombs are more than 4.000 years old. You can visit different graves (tickets not inclusive). A lot of them still have well conserved reliefs and paintings (20 fotos).

You will find these graves from south to north:
Mechu und Sabni (6. dynasty, etwa 2325 bis 2175 BC)
Sarenput II (12. dynasty, um 1938 bis 1755 BC)
Her-Chuf (6. dynasty)
Pepinacht (6. dynasty)
Sarenput I (12. dynasty)

The ruin "Dome of the winds - Qubbet el Hawa" is crowning the top of the mountain. From there you will have a wonderful view all over Aswan and up to the highdam at the horizon.

Post Scriptum:
Please come to Elephantine, to start from there with the felucca. Opposite the Office of Egypt Air at the Corniche you will see a small shop selling water and cigarettes. Go there, pass the shop and go down the next stairs (with round lamps at each side). This is the public ferry to Elephantine Island, which costs 50 Piasters for Aswan people, but its nice to leave 1 Pound as a tourist (which is about 15 Cent).
There is a lof of hassle up on the street, captains trying to sell their felucca, but they will let you go, if they see you only want to cross to the Island. At Elephantine side Mustafa will be waiting at the ferry to care for you until he will bring you back to Aswan after the trip.

Felucca or motorboat to take you to Aga Khan, ride with camel to monastery and back, sail to Tombs of the Nobles, boat will wait to bring you back to Aswan.
One or more persons (= one boat):
80 Egypt. Pounds each hour (takes about 3 - 4 hours incl. visits

Plus every person (/camel): 50-100 EGP to monastery and back, depending on the time you will need.
(This is an advice, you will have to discuss this with the cameleers yourself)

Or: Take ferry from trainstation to Gharb Aswan and walk to the Tombs of the Nobles. Rent camel and camel driver to monastery and back (try to negotiate for 150 EGP each camel go and return to ferry).

Pay more if you want to include Qubbet el Hawa.

(Tickets are not included, 25 EGP)