By car from Aswan to Camelmarket in Daraw

This is what I had written before: "It should be very picturesque: Lots of camels tired from their long journey from Sudan, excited cameleers guiding the caravans, dealers, and other purchasers, and inbetween me and my camera.I have been there and I tell you: its not on Tuesdays. Most of the people in Aswan believe its on Tuesdays. In Daraw they shook heads and said its on Saturdays and Sundays."

The next time I had been to Egypt I tried again. This time not by car but with the felucca for the weekend. I had always thought time would be too precious to move by felucca. It is not. On my way back the memory card of my camera gave up the ghost. Instead of feeling angry, I felt happy to have a reason to make the trip again 5 days later.

I had been the only tourist person at the market at both times. The men were very eager to be photographed and to see their pictures on the back of my Digital Camera. Nevertheless its nice to ask if its okay to take pictures of them.

It is not easy to get there also. You must take a convoy and have someone at your side while visiting the market. I have been told the market will soon be moved to Abu Simble and not be in Daraw anymore. If you ever should be able to visit it and have comments to make: I will be VERY interested. And I will try again. And as soon as I have made it there will not only be a postcard on this page.

Sometimes Egypt is not easy. Even with good help at your side.

If you have time take the felucca to get there and combine two beautiful adventures.

Transfer by car to Daraw and back to Aswan in a private convoy of the police (which makes it rather expensive)
750 EGP one or two persons