Pickup from trainstation or airport with
limousine or microbus

Representative (usually Waleed) to wait at the trainstation with a sign from Aswan Individual,
vehicle and driver at the parking space,
transfer you to your destination in Aswan (eastbank).

- with car* (1 - 2 persons): 18 USD
- with microbus* (3 - 8 persons): 23 USD

(please note that trains are often late and 2- 3 hours delay is not unusual, 4-5 hours also possible!)


Pick up from airport
Representative to wait for yo
u with a sign showing your name behind the exit of the airport building,
vehicle and driver at the parking space,
transfer you to your destination in Aswan

- by car* (1 - 2 persons): 24 USD
- by microbus* (3 - 8 persons and space for luggage): 30 USD

please understand: if during the time from midnight to 6.30 am,
plus 3 USD tip for the driver


Sometimes we are asked to pick up for free from the airport. I am sorry to say, this is not possible. Representative and driver have to leave Aswan 40 minutes before arrival of your airplane and drive empty to the airport (without a guest as taxi drivers do), he has to pay to enter the area of the airport and wait for you - no matter how late your airplane will be. He will come with an official tourist car: clean, new, regularly checked, with air condition. He will wait for you with a sign showing your name. And - after you met and he helped you to put the luggage in the trunk - drive you to Aswan which takes again at least 35 minutes. Please understand a pick up for free is not possible.


* The cars which are used are limousines in the size of Toyota Corolla (3rd or 5th picture) or microbusses (photo on top). New, regularely checked, with all lisences from the tourist police and professional driver. Driver and car are sent empty to the airport or trainstation to wait for you with a sign showing your name, no matter if the airplane or train is late, the driver will wait.

Please understand that this service is different to a taxidriver hailed from the street, whose service has to be negotiated and still might include surprises like a stop at a bazaar (to be forced to buy papyrus, perfume or Alabaster) or a fight after your arrival, when he tells you that the price was for each person or the luggage is extra. Besides, taxis in Aswan are old, without AC and very oriental - you will see what I talk about after using one).
With Aswan-Individual you will not be brought to any bazaar. The prices which you get from us are fixed. You will not be asked "for baksheesh", it is up to you to give a tip if you think the driver deserves it (as it is usual in every Western country).
Long speech - short sense: if you want to save money you can try to pay less to a taxi driver.


Transfers by Nile Cruise, please click here

All prices given
are for the service -
not for each person!


"Aswan Individual was great. Waleed met us at the airport and was warm and professional from the beginning. He had the plans that you and I discussed in order to ensure that everything went smoothly." ...
(Quonya: July 7, 2012 in our guestbook)

Transfers by motorboat

Representative (usually Waleed) to wait at the trainstation with a sign showing your name,
meet and assist you at the trainstation.
Motorboat to wait for you at the end of the street of the trainstation (about 500 meter to walk) to put your luggage in your boat and transfer you to your destination: 100 EGP

One-way-Transfers from / to your hotel to Elephantine
Botanical Garden (Kitchener Island) or Aswan by boat
(if you want also to be brought back again, it is twice the price)

- Movenpick: 6 USD
- (please see meeting point)
- Old Cataract Hotel: 6 USD
- (please see meeting point)
- Isis Island: 6 USD
- (please see meeting point)
- Isis Corniche: 6 USD
- (please see meeting point)
- Helnan (former Iberotel): 8 USD

- (please see meeting point)
- Anakato or other location at Gharb Seheyl: 11 USD
- (please see meeting point)
- Bet El Kerem: 8 USD
- (you will be picked up from the reception)
- Memnon Hotel: 6 USD
- (please see meeting point)
- Philae Hotel: 6 USD

- (please see meeting point)
- Keylany Hotel: 6 USD
- (please see meeting point)

In case of felucca or bird-watching tours pick up is for free
from these hotels (but a tip for the captain would be nice :o)
- Movenpick
- Old Cataract Hotel
- Isis Island
- Isis Corniche
- Bet El Kerem
- Memnon Hotel
- Philae Hotel

In case of Anakato, Ekadoli Nubian Guesthouse, Bet El Kerem or Iberotel you would be picked up by motorboat (prices see above) to start the felucca tour from Elephantine. But of course you are welcome to come by yourself to Aswan to meet your captain at the place that suits you well. This applies also to guests from other hotels (for example Keylany), that are not located near the Nile.

If you will have an excursion with Aswan Individual before sailing (f.ex. Philae, coming from Luxor, etc), Waleed or a representative will wait for you and introduce the captain to you.


Any other transfers are no problem!
please ask by email!