Fishing and picnic

Our captains invite you to become competitive to the fishermen of Aswan.

They know the fishing grounds well, give you a fishing rod and insha allah you will catch your first fish very soon.

If you like, a Nubian woman can prepare a meal (if you like with fish?) to have a dreamlike picnic on the felucca.

* Food and tea will be provided (see price left side). If you would like to have softdrinks or beer, please tell us how much you would like to have, so Mustafa can get it for you. (Prices see left side)

Pleasse understand: this fishing is only for the fun - not to be compared with professional fishing safaris!!!!!

One felucca
each hour 13 USD

Optional - with lunch:
19 USD each person

If no wind to sail:

• Motorboat to tear the felucca against the current near the Dam and then sail back quietly (without motorboat) with the current (relaxing and beautiful):
felucca each hour
13 USD
plus 1x 14 USD for the motorboat


• Motorboat only
- if no wind:
cheaper than felucca plus motorboat
(but motorboat is loud, felucca is quiet)
- if you want to see much within short time (motorboat is faster than the felucca)
each hour 14 USD

Felucca sailing with lunch