Transfer Aswan-Luxor or Luxor Aswan

with private limousine / microbus
including driver with stops in Komombo and Edfu
(and / or El-Kab, Esna, Silsila, Camel market)

Transfer with driver and car: 130 USD
Transfer with driver and microbus: 180 USD
(count 7 hours incl. 1 hour at Komombo and Edfu)

Transfer with driver and car without stops: 100 USD
Transfer with driver and microbus without stops: 125 USD

(count 4 hours to drive between Aswan and Luxor)

Y ou are free to choose your own time for departure.
The tourist police requests you to arrive before sunset.
Count 8 hours drive incl. 1h stops at Komombo and Edfu.
(Ticket counters at Edfu closes at 4 pm, Komombo at 7 pm)
Every more stop plus about 1.5 hours
(Silsila much more).

On the way: temples in Edfu and Komombo
More informations if you want to visit Esna also (+15 USD)
More informations if you want to visit ElKab also (+15 USD)
More informations if you want to visit Silsila also

Only at weekends: camelmarket in Daraw
More informations if you want to visit the camelmarket also
plus 15 USD

(if you want to visit Komombo and Edfu as excursion from Aswan only - and not continue to Luxor but return to Aswan).
Driver and car: 130 USD; driver and microbus: 180 USD.
Optional: guide plus 45 USD

Edfu Temple is very impressing. The inside reminds of a cathedral with side chapels covered with frescos from floor to ceil ing. But instead of paintings all is deeply carved to reliefs, sometimes colours still show. Its horrible to watch tourists who love to touch or even scrape the walls, probably there wont be much time until a lot will be destroyed. The Temple of Horus is one of the biggest ptolemaic tempels of Egypt. The building was started about 2250 years ago, but followed older architectural rules.
(Please see more photos in our facebook album Edfu Temple)

Komombo Temple
is just aside the Nile. It has two entrances, two halls, two sanctuaries. Two deities were adored in this temple: the left half was for the Falcon God Horus, the right side for the Crocodile God Sobek. The temple is about 2200 years old. (Please see more photos in our facebook album about Komombo Temple)

A warning about changing coins:

At the entrance a lot of carriages are waiting for customers. As usual you will be asked to change European coins as the bank does not take them:
A man was counting to me 20 Euros in little coins. Slowly. We were surrounded by other carriage drivers. He asked me for 150 EGP which is okay. I gave him a 100- plus 50-Egyptian Pound banknotes. He took them and gave them to another man. He counted the Euros once more. Put them in my hand and became angry in the same moment, complaining the 50-Pound-banknote would have been a 50-Piaster-banknote and showed it to me. I knew this was not true, the other man had changed the 50-Pound to a 50-Piaster-banknote. I glared and shouted at them and walked away, expecting they will try to stop me.

Instead another carriage driver came after me to ask, if I would make a tour with him. I tried to get rid of him. So he left. The other men had vanished too. And when I wanted to put away the coins, I opened my hands to put away the coins and saw there were only 20-Cent Pieces worth about 5 Euro, instead of the additional Euro coins he had shown before.
I had been told before from other tourists not to change money. I have done it a lot of times and made a lot of honest people happy with it. Do it please, but be careful now you know the trick.

And: there are 1-Pound-coins which look almost like 1-Euro-Coins.

Limousine Aswan Individual






beware of kids or other sellers that come too close

"Please add ... about the kids who get really close and push the papyrus art into you so you do not notice them trying to pick your pocket. They tried with me, but I sent them running......The pickpockets were between the Corniche and the souk. ... We were actually warned beforehand by someone in the souk, and again a few times after by numerous people." (David H., Canada)

It hurts me to write warnings here. Before the revolution there was never any stealing. Now - 2 years later - a friend and I were walking with me across the souk and became followed by a man trying to sell a Palestinian Scarf. I tried to send him away, even shouted at him in Arabic: "Challas we Ma'a salam" (Stop and good bye) but he remained. Suddenly my friend became stiff and stopped the hand from the man when it tried to pull his purse from his pocket. Then the man ran away (without loot)


One car
Aswan - Luxor or Luxor - Aswan
(with aircondition)
for you only (no car sharing), of course including driver
one way
with stop in Komombo and Edfu:
130 USD

The same with microbus
(up to 8 persons): 180 USD

(Stop, at Daraw (= camelmarket) is 15 USD more.
Stop at Esna is 15 USD more.


G uide (optional) for temples in Komombo, Edfu: 45 USD

G uide (optional) for temples in Komombo, Edfu, Esna: 45 USD


Optional and special:
with extra stop in
(Please see link for the price and description).
Silsila is not possible to visit without guide)

Tickets for the temples are not included:


Prices for Aswan-Komombo-Edfu-Aswan (and not continue to Luxor), please see this website


We have been asked for help in Luxor. So we started to add ideas for Luxor also ...

Sightseeing in Luxor

Hot Air Balloon in Luxor

Abydoss and Dendara


Small Pictures:
Edfu from outside
Edfu Staircase
Edfu Entrance hall
Edfu Horus
Komombo Relief
Komombo Vultures
Komombo Gates
Crocodile God Sobek

Be very careful if you change coins with Carriage drivers in Edfu (right)

And I enjoyed the car ride from Aswan to Luxor – as you really see the villages, sugar cane fields (and poverty). Also people waiting in the villages un the bus to mekka – surrounded by all their family and friends. Quite special. We enjoyed the camel market as well. (Pauline from Netherlands in our guestbook April 19, 2012)

Click for our album (many pics) "Komombo Temple"

Komombo Temple

Komombo Temple Relief

Vinnieke (March 2015): I am for Kom Ombo. It sits in the best spot ever and looking down to the blue nile. But maybe I am not very objective about Kom Ombo. You see, it was empty when I was there. So I have the place all for myself. In other temples, it is not that easy to feel the "ancient" atmosphere when suddenly a swarm of tourists surround you.
I will always remember Kom Ombo as the place where I can see peacefully in my mind how the place was thousands years ago.


Click our album about Edfu Temple

Edfu Temple Relief

Pictures about Camel Market

Pictures about Silsila